Visions Performing Arts College Prep is a V.I.L.A.G.E. that invites you in! With a unique model, we are preparing student performers to execute the 3 C's, continue, complete and compete. Our Mama's and Baba's facilitate an inquiry-based, student led, performing arts educational experience. 


Visions Performing Arts College Prep (VPAC)


For over 15 years, VPAC has served the Greater Denver Metro Area in performing arts education to underserved students. Being completely  supported by the community, VPAC has impacted over 2,000 students and produced over 20 productions. In year 10, students and families demanded that we expand to a full fledge 6th-12th grade school. We piloted our model for 5 years and in 2019, VPAC was approved by The Colorado Charter School Institute. 

VPAC is an inquiry-based performing arts school. Through years of piloting, VPAC has closed academic AND artistic gaps in students. Utilizing research-proven curriculum, students are encouraged to be curious to master core content. With a whole-child approach, the VPAC Village supports students to be their authentic selves with constant affirmations of their inner genius.

MISSION- Preserve African and Latinx American performance through high quality education.

To enlighten students, especially African and Latinx underserved students, with the importance of integrating high levels of artistic and academic skills and knowledge to increase graduation rates, decrease dropout rates, and provide greater opportunities for students upon graduation to enter into competitive performing arts careers, institutions of higher learning, and career fields that offer high potential for growth to compete at high levels with satisfaction and responsibility while affirming and preserving their cultural heritage to plan for financial stability. VPAC will contribute to the transformation of education, future workforce and arts and entertainment industries by cultivating students who will be able to compete at high levels.

VISON- Produce student performers rooted in cultural arts to continue, complete and compete in the world.

VPAC is committed to providing 6th-12th grade students with culturally affirming content dedicated to preserving African and Latinx performing arts. VPAC is dedicated to exposing underserved students to a high rigor curriculum that graduates them to be competent and confident in professional artistic careers and college. 


  • CONTINUE- Aid students to matriculate in VPAC successfully.
  • COMPLETE- Aid students to complete their high school educational experience with VPAC
  • COMPETE- Execute college readiness AND experience to enter the workforce 


VPAC values and appreciates your support. Your support will aid VPAC in needs to continue to execute the unique model and support students who are deserving. 

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